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Intuition Tracker


This Intuition Tracker PDF is a digital version taken from my custom journal: Book of Evidence: Proof your angels are with you.

The Intuition Tracker gives you an easy way to track your signs from your angels, record your dreams and intuitive experiences, and help you identify how you use your natural-born intuitive abilities.

You are highly intuitive, and when you use this intuition tracker to keep all your Divine guidance in an organized and singular location, it allows you to quickly review your experiences and use hindsight to interpret and follow the Divine guidance that is always available to you.

Gift yourself the GIFT of hindsight by tracking your Angel messages, Divine signs, and more in your Intuition Tracker.

Tracking your Intuition is crucial in deepening your connection with Your Angels and understanding the way you receive Divine Guidance.

How using your Book of Evidence Intuition Tracker is DIFFERENT from journaling:

  1. When you see how often you receive guidance within the space of two pages, there is no denying you are connecting with your angels
  2. The space provided is easy to refer back to when you realize the meaning of a sign weeks later and need to go back and review it.
  3. It takes only a minute or two to enter an intuitive experience because you’re summarizing in the best way possible to allow for easy recall.
  4. Entering a Divine Sign, Intuitive experience, or Dream validates the experience and invites more.
  5. Writing down spiritual connections and experiences gives your future self a gift. When you reach those moments where you doubt your connection or feel foggy about your direction, going back and reviewing your entries will remind you that you are constantly receiving Divine guidance.
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