“I have come to learn, by studying with Devon, that my journal… is like a walking stick that supports me AND pulls me…guiding me along my divinely purposed path.”


Are you living the life you want?

Do you want more from your relationships, your career, your time?

Your intuition can help you achieve it.

We’ve all had gut feelings. A hunch. A sense that you’re being guided in a certain direction.

What if you could approach every part of your life with that same knowing?

Everyone has intuitive abilities, a built-in navigation system ready to guide them toward success.

When you cut through distraction and tune into your natural intuition, amazing things happen.

Yet in the modern world, people are more disconnected than ever before from their own internal guidance. Over a lifetime of conditioning, people come to rely more on logic and the opinion of others rather than their own inner compass.  As a result, it’s all too easy to make choices that aren’t right for you and move you away from your highest good.

My mission is to change that.

I help people connect to the spark inside themselves and fire up their intuition to live the life they were meant for.

Let your intuition guide you to the life you’ve imagined. I’ll show you how.

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One-on-One Coaching

Social at-a-glance

Devon’s coaching – in the form of her Daily Intuitive Guidance, the monthly Coffees with Devon, her workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions have exponentially enhanced my connection with Spirit and awareness of all of the ways I receive help from the other side. Period.

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How do you go from Accounting to Intuition Coach?

Find out how I started in the highly left-brained field of Accounting and ended up in the very right-brained field of teaching people to use their inherent abilities to connect with their intuition. LISTEN OR WATCH my first “Story Time” on my YouTube Channel: