Do you want to connect with

your Angels?

Do you want guidance from your Angels about your relationships, your career, your time?

Your intuitive abilities can help you connect with your angels.

We’ve all had gut feelings. A hunch. A sense that you’re being guided in a certain direction.

What if you could approach every part of your life with that same knowing?

Everyone has intuitive abilities, a built-in navigation system designed to receive guidance from the angels and lead them toward success.

When you cut through distraction and tune into your angels, amazing things happen.

Yet in the modern world, people are more disconnected than ever before from their own internal guidance. Over a lifetime of conditioning, people come to rely more on logic and the opinion of others rather than their own inner compass supported by their angels.  As a result, it’s all too easy to make choices that aren’t right for you and move you away from your highest good.

My mission is to change that.

I help people connect to the spark inside themselves and fire up their intuition to live the life they were meant for supported by love and guidance from the angels.

Let your angels and intuition guide you to the life you’ve imagined. I’ll show you how.


Angel Reading Session

Journals, Books, and Other Favorites

Current Featured Workshop: Connect with your Angels & Discover your Intuitive Abilities through Journaling

The first step to growing your connection with your angels and your intuitive abilities is to keep track of your intuitive experiences.

Devon shares
and strategies to create a customized daybook of your connection with your angels and your intuitive growth.

Including sections that are crucial parts of any successful intuition journal and features that make it unique to your journey.

Devon’s unique brand of mentoring and coaching has allowed me to recognize and shift my otherwise latent intuitive abilities into a guiding force that truly illumines my path.


Devon’s coaching – in the form of her Daily Intuitive Guidance, the monthly Coffees with Devon, her workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions have exponentially enhanced my connection with Spirit and awareness of all of the ways I receive help from the other side. Period.


Connect With Me

Your resource for tools & guidance to develop and grow your intuitive abilities. Hear personal stories of intuitive experiences, tips on spotting messages from Angels, and more!

Devon is one of the most generous teachers I have ever come across. I have personally benefited immensely from her Whole Life Journaling technique , which is essentially her study and best practice to intuitive journaling over decades… [She] constantly motivates and mentors us to unleash our intuitive potential… I would highly recommend her for the passion she has for her work, her knowledge and work ethics.


A little bit about me,

I’m an intuition coach, speaker, and writer. I am also a trained Animal and Angel Communicator and Reiki Master with training in the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and the Scalar Wave Method for Energy Healing. However, I did not start out in these intuitive fields.

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration, I started my first business working as a consultant for small companies. I used the analytical side of my brain far more often than the creative side. I enjoyed this type of work, but after almost sixteen years I had an epiphany described in my blog post titled From Accounting to Animal Communication.

I decided it was time to follow my heart with my business and fully incorporated my intuitive abilities into my consulting.

My connection with animals throughout my lifetime played a crucial role in my spiritual outlook. They provided mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical support, sheltering me from feelings of loneliness, an illusion so many people battle. Loneliness is an illusionAnimals helped me dissolve this illusion because they create space for spiritual connection. I believe God created and sent these amazing beings to help us. God is always sending guidance and support. We simply have to learn to listen, recognize, and understand these Divine messages.

While I use my Animal Communication skills daily to advance my own Spiritual practice, my true passion is helping others identify and grow their own intuitive abilities.

I teach people to connect on a deeper, intentional level with the spiritual guidance they already interact with every day, yet often overlook opportunities to connect with the Divine. I offer one-on-one or group coaching sessions designed to help people understand how they receive intuitive messages, and how to understand their meaning. I teach Whole Life journaling methods for developing and tracking intuitive abilities as well as advancing growth towards goals, organization and most importantly connection with Divine guidance.

My purpose is to serve as a springboard to help people connect with Spiritual guidance more consciously on their own. In the meantime, I’m here to help.

With Love,

Devon Duerr


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