Your journal is one of the most important – and most fun! – tools in developing your intuition.
A well-organized journal not only records your progress but accelerates it.

In this webinar, Devon shows you how to get started to get the most out of intuitive journaling.
Devon gives examples of how to set up your new journal to support you on your intuitive path.

She teaches you how a well-planned journal can provide inspiration, guidance, and a method of tracking your intuitive experiences, creating a “Book of Evidence” as you grow your abilities.

Devon shares with you the tips, techniques, and strategies to create a customized daybook of your intuitive growth, including the sections that are the most crucial parts of any successful intuition journal and the optional features that make it unique to your journey.

The first step to growing your intuitive abilities is to keep track of your intuitive experiences and how you encounter these experiences.

In this webinar recording, you will:
– Learn how to set up your Whole Life journal for tracking your intuition.
– Learn tools and tips for maintaining your journal.
– Learn how to create time, space, and motivation to maintain your journal
– Have the option to join a community of fellow Intuitives like yourself!
– Have access to the webinar anytime through my website if you would like to watch it again later.

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