I am so grateful to share a selection of testimonials from some of my amazing clients below. Journaling has always been my favorite method for connecting with my intuition and Divine flow. As I began this journey, I originally focused on doing Angel readings or Animal Communications for clients and talking with them about the benefits of journaling. But I began to see how much more beneficial it was to teach them how to develop their own intuitive and communication skills through journaling, so you will see testimonials from my earliest clients as well as my Whole Life Journaling students. 

I look forward to working with you to advance your intuitive abilities and journaling skills. Please note, I am no longer taking new Animal or Angel communication clients unless referred directly by a current client. Thank you for your understanding.


 I have come to learn, by studying with Devon, that my journal and the regular returning to the gentle discipline of writing in it, is like a walking stick that supports me AND PULLS ME, step by step, moving me forward and guiding me along my divinely purposed path.

Devon is a lifelong intuitive and angel communicator who chooses to use her skills to teach others how they can increase their own intuitive skills. She is an amazing teacher. Whole Life Journaling, which is what Devon teaches, has created for me a holy practice wherein I can process, pray, record, and track instances of blessings, inspiration, answered prayers, the times that my intuition DID guide me and gives me “a book of evidence” that continually reminds me I am connected with the Divine. It has become a daily practice that has changed my life forever.

-KM (Workshop/Webinar Attendee, Whole life Journaler)

I do a lot of personal writing and have been using multiple journals to help me track various topics. Devon’s method of creating a table of contents for my journal is genius! Now I can make my journaling more efficient and less confusing!

-MA (Workshop/Webinar Attendee)

Devon is an absolutely remarkable intuitive! She has really helped me develop my skills in a very practical way and one which works fast! Using her journaling recommendations you will definitely move forward in your intuitive development. If you are an animal communicator, her journaling method will help you to see and understand your pet in a whole new way. She is kind, exceptional, and bulls-eye accurate!

-MT (Workshop/Webinar Attendee)

Devon’s Whole Life Journaling Webinar is priceless. She supports new and veteran students with words of encouragement and guidance. I love her giving spirit ❤️

-VZ (Workshop/Webinar Attendee)

Devon’s angel communication provided relevant, helpful insight and guidance, along with practical tips for putting it all into action. Her gifts are also evident in her animal communication, where she’s provided some reassuring insight into my pets. She also taught me how to journal in a way that pulls all of this into one space. Working with Devon helps me remember that there is a world of unseen support out there, and she is tremendously helpful in connecting me to it!

– KG

On my birthday this year, I asked Devon to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that I would face during the next year of my life. Devon provided very thoughtful and concise guidance as to the Angel messages she was receiving and was able to not only provide specific guidance on the individual messages but interpret them together as a group, including how they were interrelated, in a manner that provided clear and specific guidance for the steps I should take in the year to come and prepared me for the challenges I might face and how to resolve them.

– LD

Several years ago I rescued my baby boy and a few years later I adopted my precious girl. Often I would wonder what their journeys were like before “us.” So naturally, when I was told about Devon and her ability to communicate with animals, I jumped at the chance for her to chat with my doggies, and boy what a story they had to tell! Let me start off by saying that Devon was so spot on, it was actually frightening, in a good way though. For the record: I only shared with Devon photos of my doggies and the years since I have had them. What’s more: I live in a completely different country than her!

Let me begin by telling you about my girl . . . at first when I got Phoebe, she would shy away and nip at my hands when I wanted to pet her. A trip to the vet also confirmed that she was never spayed and her ‘passport’ showed that she was 12 years old! So, naturally I started to wonder if she ever had puppies? The vet wasn’t convinced, but could not confirm whether she did have puppies or not. That’s when Devon stepped in . . . so it turned out that Phoebe did not have puppies, but would nip at peoples’ hands as there were those that wanted to breed with her (in Phoebe’s own words). I finally understood why she would shy away or nip at my hands! It really sadden me to know that Phoebe thought that this was the reason why she was passed around from home to home, but her reasoning made sense when I recalled the conversation I had with the lady who was ‘fostering’ her at the time: “You don’t want this dog.” On a different note (and a funny one at that), I could never understand why Phoebe would not eat from a bowl and would only drink from a cup??? The answer: she likes to be treated as a princess! Devon really helped me to understand my little girl better and now I don’t allow people to grab at her anymore (after all she is very cute)! Since communicating with Devon, Phoebe does not shy away anymore and allow me to rub her mid-back without nipping at my hands. Since Phoebe likes to be treated like a princess, she still drinks from a cup.

When Devon spoke to my boy, Gizzy, I was surprised that she knew about our morning routine – after our walks in the morning I would sit him on my lap and give him a nice neck and body massage! Another thing that really blew my mind was the fact that Gizzy loves his ball and we play fetch ALL the time. I’ve tried on several occasions to buy him a new ball (his current ball has seen better days), but he would never take to is. Thanks to Devon I understand that it’s because his current ball is small enough to fit in his mouth. Devon also mentioned that he likes a toy with a bell in it . . . it’s actually Phoebe’s that has a small squeaky inside, which he keeps stealing from her, hehe! So needless to say for Christmas I got him a similar one, which he loves! I always imagined that due to the big age difference between my babies, Gizzy would love a friend that he could play with so a friend’s dog would come over to play with him on a weekly basis. As it turned out, Gizzy preferred to chill out on his own and now that my friend’s dog does not come over for play dates anymore, Gizzy has a lot more energy to play with me at night. Talking about our walks, whilst out one morning I noticed Gizzy dragging behind and found a thorn in his paw . . . amazingly enough Devon picked up on this!

Devon really has a remarkable gift and by sharing her gift with us, my babies and I could communicate with each other in a way we never could before! I would highly recommend Devon to any pet owner because not only is it a truly extraordinary experience to get inside the minds of our fur babies, but she also gives them a voice! Oh and did I mention she also does health scans???

Thanks Devon!

– C

I had never ever sought out or met with or even contemplated using the services of a psychic or angel reader. For one, I wouldn’t know where to start looking . . . NOT that I didn’t believe in such things. I just didn’t know where to start. Devon is a friend of one of my wisest, no-nonsense friends. This friend introduced me to Devon, told me what Devon did, and suggested that I might like to talk with her. It was her confidence in Devon that opened the door for me. Once I met her, it was an instantaneous “knowing” that Devon was the real deal. I have met with her on two occasions. One for a full angel reading and another time when I had a specific question. Both times I came away with concrete answers and meaningful direction. I absolutely believe that what she “read” for me was information that my angels wanted me to have. Talking with Devon sparked a new, reinvigorated walk with Spirit that continues to this day. I have recommended her to friends and they ALL have come back and thanked me. Devon has a gift. And I am grateful that she is making it available to those of us it can help.


I have known Devon for many years starting before she began this journey. She is a true friend and has such a positive influence on anybody she meets. She is grounded, yet so spiritually intuitive. I absolutely feel peace, joy and love when I talk to her (even when the subject matter is anything but). I recommend her to those who are familiar with this form of communication and to those who are just beginners. You will not be disappointed.

– MJ

I met Devon studying Reiki and connected with her almost instantly. She is extremely intuitive, genuine and has a knack for putting the right words to things that felt obscure beforehand. During a very trying period for me, including legal battles, I turned to her for an Angel reading. It put me at such ease and gave me so much peace. For months afterward, I found myself drawing strength from the reading, and her and the Angels’ insights are still with me. Devon is the real deal, put here to heal. Thank you!

– CR

My Angel Communication session with Devon was healing. Devon is truly gifted not only in terms of getting the relevant information from the Angels but also has a way of beautifully articulating it. The session filled me with positivity and gave me precise directions for my work and personal challenges. The Angels and Devon were able to give me directions on how I could use my strengths to my advantage. I was able to take home a whole host of new ideas as a way forward. I have managed to implement some of them and I am already seeing changes. Pretty upbeat about what is in store ahead. Thank you Angels and thanks Devon! People like you make this world extra beautiful.

– RR

Devon is so talented! My teenage daughter and I each did an Angel Communication session with her. I will be referring my friends and family to her for sure! We loved our time with her and have talked about it a lot. I’m finding more and more ways she was right on target with me and my Angel’s guidance, ways that unfolded after we spoke. The amazing part about parting with those who drag me to lower vibration and making room for higher vibration people. Happening, glad for the awareness and how she works! Thank you for two uplifting sessions full of helpful guidance.


I contact Devon regularly for guidance for both my Animals and from my Angels. Her ability to communicate their messages has been so validating and encouraging as I pursue my own journey as a healer. I am grateful for the clarity and insight she brings to the guidance I receive daily as well.