December 2020 Intuitive Guidance: PART ONE

🎄Happy December!🎄

I am overjoyed the holiday season is here. I absolutely love basking in the joy of holiday decorations, music, and excitement. I hope you are feeling the spread of holiday cheer too.

This past Sunday I uploaded the first part of the guidance I received for December 2020. It covers approximately the first 8 days of December 2020, so go check it out when you have a chance. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you will be notified as soon as I upload PART TWO!

Scroll below for PART ONE of December 2020 Intuitive Guidance.

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I look forward to hearing about your intuitive experiences and answering any questions you have encountered along the way.

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Your November 2020 Guidance: PART TWO

Yesterday I uploaded part two of the intuitive guidance I received for November 2020. Let me know in the comment section of this video what stood out most for you.

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Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. Please know I am grateful for you, and I wish you many blessings for you and your loved ones!


Intuitive Guidance for November 2020: Part One

Your Intuitive Guidance for November 2020 (Part One) is now up on my YouTube channel.

Do you know somebody who is feeling lost or overwhelmed in their daily lives right now?

Maybe a friend lost their job, or a family member is hurting over the loss of a relationship they once cherished?

Or maybe they are just asking that very human question, “Is this really all there is to life?”

If so, consider sharing this video with them.

Developing your intuition can help you connect with the internal guidance system we all have available to us, allowing us to have access to guidance and comfort for all the major and minor decisions we have to make in our lives.

No decision is too small to consult your intuition. Sometimes, all we need is validation that we are not alone in this world; help and support are available to all of us.

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