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Book of Evidence: Proof Your Angels are with You


The Book of Evidence is uniquely designed so that there is no need to wait until a new year or a new month to start keeping track of your intuitive experiences. Get started tracking your experiences now!

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  • Luxury Feel with 250 heavy natural pages
  • Perfect binding to allow for opening flat safely
  • Bookmark ribbon
  • Elastic closure
  • Rounded corners to protect against damage to cover and pages
  • Templates printed with blue ink for decorative and ready-to-use pages to help you easily track your intuition in an organized fashion
  • Introduction and tips throughout to encourage you and help you get started right away
  • Table of Contents
  • Numbered Pages
  • Designated templates for Affirmations, Visualizations, and your Intuition Tracker
  • Designated templates for tracking daily and monthly spiritual practices, habits, moods, and energetic influences. (Monthly and Routine Record)
  • Dotted Pages for customization and free writing
  • Community: You are not alone on this journey either. You are now part of a community of people who track their intuitive experiences and attract more profound, more meaningful experiences by writing them down.

Examples of how to use your Book of Evidence or journal:

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