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PART THREE of Your Intuitive Guidance for December 2020

Written by Devon Duerr

Your Intuitive Guidance for the remainder of December 2020 (PART THREE) is now available to listen to or watch.

The keyword for this week is “Action.” Make sure to listen all the way to the end for the keywords for each week and my takeaways from the overall guidance for the rest of December 2020 and going into January 2021.

Some of you have written asking me to repeat the takeaways from last week’s coffee, so I have included them again at the bottom of this email for your review.

Scroll below for PART THREE of your December 2020 Intuitive Guidance.

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12/9/20 Coffee Takeaways:
“Online Coffee with Devon” was packed with validation proving when you open your awareness to your intuitive abilities the signs just keep on showing up!

Here are some takeaways from our great discussion:

1) Show the Universe what you want.

Actions speak louder than words. When we feel we are not being clearly guided on our paths, sometimes it is because we have not made the commitment to take action towards our dreams. If you are holding off on making a decision, then it is hard for us to be guided. Take action (small ones count!) on your dreams every day so your Angels and Guides are clear about your intentions.

2) Let’s undo the conditioning.

Society has been conditioned, and therefore we have been conditioned by society, to ignore our intuitive abilities. We must undo this conditioning by becoming aware of all the guidance available to us and building our intuitive muscles. The more we are open and aware of the unseen guidance available to us, the easier it is to live a guided life.

3) Ask the children in your life.

Children are naturally aware and open. They have not been exposed to years of societal conditioning…yet. When they talk about dreams or “make-believe” scenarios, encourage them to keep talking, and ask for details. You may be very surprised by what they say and with some research, you may be able to validate their stories!

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Devon Duerr

Devon Duerr

Author | Teacher | Angel Intuitive

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Hey there, I’m Devon. People often ask how I got into the field of teaching intuition. I was on this path from a very young age. However, it took multiple profound experiences with animals, Angels, and dreamwork to cultivate an understanding of how I use my intuition not just for making big decisions, but in every small action I take in my day-to-day life. I would love to share some of these experiences with you. So here it goes…

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When you join my newsletter you get access to:

  • The link to Coffee With Devon, a monthly meeting hosted over Zoom.
  • Hidden offers, hand-picked tools to assist in your intuitive journey.
  • Personal stories of intuitive influence.
  • And a FREE PDF of my E-Book Is It A Sign?
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