Summary of Devon’s Offerings:

Intuitive Coaching:

Teaching you to develop your intuition.


Intuitive Guidance:

Sessions where Devon uses her own guidance on your behalf


Do you have a friend or loved one who is:

  • Open to the idea of a higher power or unseen force available to us for guidance?
  • Seeking guidance with one of these three areas in their life: Relationships, Career, or Health?
  • Has the time, energy, and motivation to follow the guidance received during a session?

If so, a Coaching or Intuitive Session with Devon will provide a lasting, life-affirming gift! It’s a wonderful present for anyone looking to develop their intuition or strengthen their connection with their angels and guides.

*Please note that it’s important to know that the recipient of your gift is open to receiving guidance before purchasing a gift card. Once the recipient has received the gift card, the recipient can email Devon at DD@DevonDuerr to book their session.

Ready to gift an intuitive session with Devon?

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<id=”intuitive-coaching” strong>Intuitive Coaching:

You were born with intuitive abilities. Actively developing them can enhance your life in so many ways, from helping you make better decisions to discovering a deeper meaning to life. When you connect with the guidance that’s available to you, life will no longer happen to you, but you will enjoy a feeling of being continuously, purposefully guided to your highest good. Learn more about the benefits of developing your intuition here.

Connecting on a deeper level to the guidance available to you can bring great joy, support and clarity to your daily life. Devon Duerr can show you how.

Devon’s passion is helping others discover and grow their own natural intuitive abilities. In addition to webinars, she also offers one-on-one sessions, conducted live via video conference, including:

Intuitive Coaching Sessions:

One-on-one sessions with Devon are designed to develop a pathway to growing your intuitive abilities. In these sessions, Devon will work with you to:

  • Review your intuitive experiences and explore how you receive guidance.
  • Learn tools to expand your abilities.
  • Review your journal to track your intuitive experiences and develop your abilities
  • Discuss ways to customize your intuitive growth to your specific abilities and methods to improve your understanding of your abilities.

Ready to get started?

Quick check-in sessions are available for people who have had a prior full session with Devon. Click here for details.

“Devon is an absolutely remarkable intuitive! She has really helped me develop my skills in a very practical way and one which works fast! Using her journaling recommendations, you will definitely move forward in your intuitive development.  She is kind, exceptional and bulls-eye accurate!”     -MT

Intuitive Guidance:

Devon offers a variety of sessions to help you understand things happening in your life from a broader perspective and answer questions you may have. Because they are based in the energetic field, all sessions take place remotely over the phone or by video conference.

Intuitive Sessions

Devon encourages everyone to develop their own intuitive abilities, but she recognizes that there are times when people may want a little help connecting. In her intuitive sessions, Devon connects to your angels and/or guides to receive the gentle guidance that they want you to have. Intuitive sessions can open the door to new insight, clarity and encouragement on things you’re dealing with in your life. For best results, come with specific written questions. Most people’s questions center around their relationships, careers and health. Through Devon, you can connect with your angels and/or guides and receive information from them in a positive, uplifting way.

Ready to get started?

Quick check-in sessions are available for people who have had a prior full session with Devon. Click here for details.

“My Angel Communication session with Devon was healing. Devon is truly gifted not only in terms of getting the relevant information from the Angels but also has a way of beautifully articulating it. The session filled me with positivity and gave me precise directions for my work and personal challenges… I was able to take home a whole host of new ideas as a way forward.”  – RR


Animal Communication

The process of animal communication can help you learn more about your beloved pet and deepen your connection with them. A communication session can provide insight into your pet’s behaviors, feelings and even physical issues they may be experiencing. Whether you have specific issues to address or just want a general check-in with your animal, working with Devon can provide the peace of mind that comes from truly understanding your four-legged companion.

Ready to get started?

Quick check-in sessions are available for animals that have had a prior full session with Devon. Click here for details.

“Devon really has a remarkable gift and by sharing her gift with us, my babies and I could communicate with each other in a way we never could before! I would highly recommend Devon to any pet owner because not only is it a truly extraordinary experience to get inside the minds of our fur babies, but she also gives them a voice!”     – C.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping)

These healing sessions use tapping, a modality that helps remove blocks to guidance as you physically tap on key acupressure points on your head and body. Tapping helps correct imbalances in your energetic system, redirecting energy to heal yourself and better handle negative emotions or emotional pain. Devon connects with your angels and guides to walk you through a session designed to help you clear obstacles, repair disruptions in your energy system, and make the shifts needed to develop connection to guidance.

Ready to get started?

Quick check-in sessions are available for people who have had a prior full session with Devon. Click here for details.

“Learning the process of tapping has become a valuable tool for navigating stress, anxiety and difficult circumstances for both myself and my pets…Devon has helped me with connection and tapping with a few of my pets. She has a gentle and unique way of connection with my animals from an honest perspective. Devon will bring out the truth of the circumstance and also offer wonderful guidance towards resolution. Her calming spirit is welcomed!” -LG


Full Sessions: 50 minutes for $150

Intuitive coaching

2 to 3 Topics

Intuitive Session

2 to 3 Questions

Animal Communication Session

1 or 2 Animals

EFT (Tapping) Session

1 or 2 Topics

Quick Check-in Sessions: 20 minutes for $80

NOTE: These are only available to those who have already had one full session with Devon.
Intuitive Coaching

1 Topic

Intuitive Guidance

1 Question

Animal Session

1 Animal

EFT (Tapping Session)

1 topic