Intuitive Living

By Devon Duerr

Summary of Devon’s Offerings:


Upcoming Classes: “Connecting with your Angels”

Learn fundamentals of and practice your connection with your angels

Angel Reading

Sessions where Devon connects with the angels on your behalf


Workshop: Discover your Intuitive Abilities through journaling

Teaching you to connect with your Angels through journaling.

FREE EVENT: “Online Coffee with Devon”

Monthly online Q&A with Devon and other people who love angels

Angel Reading:

Devon offers sessions to help you connect with your angels and understand things happening in your life from a broader perspective and answer questions you may have. Because they are based in the energetic field, all sessions take place remotely over the phone or by video conference.

Angel Readings

Devon encourages everyone to develop their own intuitive abilities, but she recognizes that there are times when people may want a little help connecting. In her angel reading sessions, Devon connects to your angels and/or guides to receive the gentle guidance that they want you to have. Intuitive sessions can open the door to new insight, clarity and encouragement on things you’re dealing with in your life. For best results, come with specific written questions. Most people’s questions center around their relationships, careers and health. Through Devon, you can connect with your angels and/or guides and receive information from them in a positive, uplifting way.

Ready to get started?

“My Angel Communication session with Devon was healing. Devon is truly gifted not only in terms of getting the relevant information from the Angels but also has a way of beautifully articulating it. The session filled me with positivity and gave me precise directions for my work and personal challenges… I was able to take home a whole host of new ideas as a way forward.”  – RR