May 2018 Newsletter


Have you ever noticed how great your animal feels after a bath? Okay, so maybe not too many cats feel this way, but most dogs and horses do! The weather is beginning to warm up here, so I decided to take my dog, Tucker, for his first summer haircut of the year. Tucker has never liked water, so bath time is not his favorite. (Even though he gets a nice long back rub each time.) He gave me “the look” when I handed him over to the groomer. You know the one,… “Do I have to do this Mom?” But he was a new dog when he came back and has been proudly showing off his new haircut ever since.

Even if your dog or horse is not crazy about their actual bath, most of the time they feel fresh and rejuvenated just like we do after a fresh shower. Do any of your animals get a summer makeover?  I would love to see pics of your fur babies after a new hair cut. Feel free to post them on my Facebook or Instagram page @BuildIntention.

I want to say a big thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Comprehensive Journaling workshop in April. It was a huge success! I would love to hear how your progress is going so far. Shoot me an email or post on my Facebook page and let me know how you’re doing or if you have any questions.

For those of you who were unable to attend or would like to continue learning about Comprehensive Journaling, please join us May 19th for the next workshop. Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.

Can’t join us in person? Join me May 17th, for a Webinar Edition: Comprehensive Journaling with Angels. Visit my events page for more details.

In other news, I recently launched my new website! Check out my new blog where I discuss some of my early Angel encounters. I will be adding blog posts about my experiences with animals and other Angel experiences as well.

My most recent blog answers the question I am asked most often…”What prompted you to leave Accounting and start communicating with Animals and Angels?” Check it out here: From Accounting to Animal & Angel Communication

To book an Animal Communication or Angel Communication with me, click on the Offerings page on my website and select the appropriate session.


May 6th: Healing Arts Festival San Antonio

May 17th: Webinar: Comprehensive Journaling with your Angels

May 19th: Workshop: Comprehensive Journaling with your Angels

Until next time! 

Many Blessings,

Devon Duerr