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Journaling Tools & Accessories

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Sharpie Fine Point Pens

For writing, I love the way these Sharpie pens feel, and I like the way they look when I use them to layout a design or draw in my journal.

Pen Loop

This Pen Loop is helpful to have for any journal so you always have a pen handy and comes in several colors.

Staedler Color Pen Set

Assorted Colors

Westscott Stainless Steel Office Ruler

These handy 6″ rulers fit right in the back pocket of your preferred journal. They also make customizing any notebook much easier.

BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape

Makes covering up mistakes fast and easy.

BeeTape Washi Tape

Also, a fast and easy way to add color to your journal or cover up mistakes. I prefer the 15MM Wide washi tape for lining the edges of the pages in my journal.

Washi Tape & Art Supplies Container Organizer Case

Once I fell in love with using washi tape on my journals, I realized I need storage! This one is pretty handy, however it does not come with the washi tape in it. (I wish!)

Scotch Glue Sticks

Having a glue stick handy for pasting your calendars, routine records, and images for your visualization board is a great idea.

Alvin Lettering Stencils

These stencils are a fun way to add pizzazz to your journal too.

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