February 9th, 2022, 10 AM CST on Zoom!


You’re invited to a free Question and Answer session with me designed to create a safe, loving, and positive platform to encourage you to connect with your angels and help you cultivate your intuition. 

During this meeting I will be available to answer questions you may about Angels, developing your intuitive abilities, encountering intuitive experiences, and using your journal to track your abilities and experiences.

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We will meet online using Zoom.us. Ensure you have access to Zoom, https://zoom.us, and can hear sound via your website browser or on your device by downloading the app. *Headphones are recommended

Oh my gosh. Devon, thank you so much for a wonderful experience in the “Connecting with your Angels” class. Even though I’ve been a student of yours for a long time, there was so much fresh information and so many new techniques including a simple but magnificent meditation to try — all in service of deepening our connection. Thank you Devon, this is exactly what I’ve been hoping for !!!!

Kelly M.

I was absolutely delighted to take my 1st Angel communication class with Devon this week. I  felt very relaxed and comfortable in the group,the information given was so helpful to a newbie like me! I  even had time to take notes.So excited for next class!

Maria A.

Thank you, Devon for this wonderful “Angel Class”. I am so glad I was able to attend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I set a clear intention beforehand, and it came to fruition. I was able to connect with my Guardian Angel when you lead us through the meditation exercise, and it was wonderful.  Thank you for helping me interpret the message that came through for me.  I have been using this exercise every morning, and am becoming more comfortable talking with my Guardian Angel.


I would encourage anyone who wants to know more about their own Angels to take this class. Devon knows so much about Angels and is eager to help others make that loving connection.


Donna S.