Energetic Cord Cutting & Shielding

Cord Cutting and Shielding are techniques designed to cleanse and protect your energy field and help maintain good Spiritual Hygiene.

In this post, I will:

  • Define Cord Cutting and Shielding.
  • Give examples of how energetic cords can attach to your energy field.
  • Discuss how practicing Cord Cutting and Shielding benefit Spiritual Hygiene.

Cord Cutting and Shielding, what are they?

Have you ever noticed how your mood can sometimes shift quickly, but there seemed to be no direct cause? Your mood has often changed because of the energy of another person’s mood, comment, or conversation, and you didn’t even realize you were taking this on yourself and into your energetic field. 

Cord Cutting is the practice of intentionally visualizing severing all energetic cords attached to your energy field. 

Please note: This does NOT cut cords of love or connection with God. God is the pure source of energy and love that fuels our body, mind, and spirit, so this cannot be disconnected through Cord Cutting.

Shielding is the practice of intentionally setting an energetic boundary to hopefully prevent or, at a minimum, reduce energetic cords being attached to your energetic field, causing your energy to drain or even scatter.

How Energetic Cords Can Attach to Your Energetic Field

Why use Cord Cutting? Let’s say you get a call from a family member or friend. You answer eagerly, ready to chat and catch up. However, they needed to vent. They unload all their frustrations about an issue to you. You try to console them and even help them find a solution. Then you hang up the phone, and you notice your body feels tense, or you feel sluggish. You feel uneasy, and even though you have moved on with your day, your mind keeps going back to the conversation, and you feel the same uneasiness every time it crosses your mind. This indicates that the energetic cord created from the discussion is still connected to you.

If you allow these cords to remain attached to your energetic field, the cords can affect how you feel and cause an imbalance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Cut the energetic cords, and notice how you feel after taking some deep breaths. You can learn how to cut cords by watching my video about Cord Cutting here.

Even better would be if you Shielded yourself with an energetic boundary before you answered the phone, so the cord was less likely to be attached in the first place.

Shielding is when you visualize yourself inside a bubble or pyramid and breath golden Divine light into your shape, creating an energetic boundary. You can learn how to do this by watching my video on Shielding here.

Shielding helps prevent cords from being attached to your energy field. It takes practice but can be used when you know you may encounter people, places, or even information that could affect how you feel. 

Have you ever walked into a store to make some essential everyday purchases feeling ready to check off your list and be productive, but when you walked out of the store, you felt tired or even irritable? 

Here are some examples of cords that may need to be cut:

  • A fellow shopper cut in front of you in the check-out line without apology.
  • You learn the price of an item you purchase regularly has gone up, putting a strain on your budget.
  • You see an advertisement for a product that makes you feel inadequate or like you are not doing enough for yourself or others.
  • The check-out attendant is unfriendly or judgemental when you turn down their request for an extra purchase or donation.

The list could go on and on. Energetic cords come not just from people; they can come from thoughts, interactions, and even social media. 

Exercise: Before you hop online the next time to check Facebook, Instagram, the news, or some other type of Social media, notice how you feel first. Then, after you have spent your usual time interacting with the media, see how you feel. Has your mood, or how you feel physically, shifted?

Also, we can attach cords unknowingly to people, events, etc. You know the old saying, “A watched pot never boils.”? The moment you turn your attention elsewhere, it seems like it finally boils, right?

That is because by deciding to put your attention elsewhere momentarily, you have stopped attaching a cord to the time you have to wait for it to boil. 

Think about the last time you were waiting for an important phone call and you decided to run to the restroom, or quickly check the laundry, and you ended up missing the call. Sometimes people refer to this as “Murphy’s Law.” 

Essentially you cut the cord you had attached to receiving the call or message by moving on to something else; this opened an energetic door for it to come through finally.

Exercise: Cut cords from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from your past. Notice how long before they reach out to you again. i.e., Online, Texts, or even appearing in your dreams.

How Energetic Cord Cutting and Shielding Can Benefit You

Energetic cords that attach to our body can significantly affect the balance between our body, mind, and spirit. It can even lead to physical challenges in the same way long term stress can affect our health. 

I make it a daily habit for my spiritual hygiene to cut cords, and then practicing Shielding to prevent or significantly reduce the number of energetic cords that can pull on my energy. 

Think of Shielding as setting an energetic boundary. 

If you are heading into the weekly office meeting to interact with another employee that is always hostile, aggressive, or a neigh sayer, take a couple of moments to shield yourself, so you are less affected by the weekly meetings. If you find you are still feeling agitated or upset after the meeting, you will know that your Shielding needs more practice, and it’s time to cut cords and create another energetic shield.

In a sense, Shielding is like giving yourself the superpower to blow off somebody’s comments or behaviors before they have a chance to upset you or infiltrate your energetic field. It also helps prevent people from draining your energy.

TIP: If you notice you feel exhausted every time you encounter certain people, places, or events, ask yourself if you need to set both energetic boundaries AND more physical boundaries.

Cord Cutting is letting it go after the interaction. Keep in mind, we are not always consciously aware when energetic cords attach to our energy fields, OR when we attach cords to others, so I recommend practicing Cord Cutting and Shielding at least once a day. You can do it when you shower or brush your teeth to help you remember to make it a habit. Maybe place a little note on the mirror or object near your sink to remind you.

I consider both Cord Cutting and Shielding essential to maintaining good spiritual hygiene. So the next time you notice a significant shift in how you feel, ask yourself if it’s time to practice Cord Cutting and Shielding.

Learn more about Energy Fields here.

Cultivate and track your intuition with Whole Life Journaling.

Devon Duerr
Cultivate your Intuition with Devon Duerr.

What is Whole Life journaling?

Whole Life journaling is an efficient and effective tool to cultivate your intuition.

Whole Life journaling combines your day-to-day life with your body, mind, and spirit. It uses this combination to identify and grow your abilities to intuit, heal, and manifest your true heart’s desires.

As you do this, you identify, grow, and track your abilities while creating your very own record in what I call your “Book of Evidence.”

There are a multitude of benefits to Whole Life Journaling:

  • It designs and encourages a balance between your body, mind, and spirit by tracking your routines, providing clarity through writing, and cultivating your intuition.
  • It keeps your days, weeks, months, and even future organized.
  • It creates one place to keep track of your dreams, intentions, habits, moods, lists, etc. Never go hunting for that little post-it note where you wrote that great idea last week again!
  • It holds space for you to motivate yourself and manifest your pure heart’s desires.
  • Keeping everything in one place invites Divine energy to help you achieve your true heart’s wishes automatically.
  • Including your intuitive abilities in your journal streamlines the information you need to accomplish your desires.
  • The best part! When it’s time to review how far you have come, you now have a book full of evidence proving you have and are using your natural-born intuitive abilities!

A Whole Life journal combines and organizes To-Do lists, Calendars, and your intuition into one journal, thus eliminating the need to maintain multiple journals, lists, and reminders.

Keeping track of your progress through Whole Life journaling is practical and fun!

Whole Life Journaling is not just for venting, creative writing, or making lists. It’s for creating a record of how far you’ve come and what did and did not work.

Most importantly, it’s for identifying your natural-born intuitive abilities and using these abilities to combine them with your daily life.

Incorporating your intuitive skills into your everyday life actively drives energy towards helping you create and lead a life you love.

If you’d like to start journaling, check out some of my favorite tools here. Enjoy!

When I heard the Angels (Part 4 of 4)

A few weeks later I was still debating whether to file for divorce or find a way to make our marriage work. I was getting all kinds of advice from every different direction and it was very difficult to sort through it all and determine my own true feelings.

I found myself preferring to be alone with my horse, Patches, my two cats, Sunshine and Oliver and my dog, Tucker. I had asked my husband to move out and I reveled in the peaceful quietude of being alone in the country with my animals.

I kept worrying, “Am I letting God down again? I said my marriage vows at God’s altar. I meant my vows when I said them, so am I wrong to break them by filing for divorce?” We had no children, my family was in full support of whatever decision I made, and so it really all came down to “What would God think of me now?”

It was early evening when I turned Patches out into the paddock after feeding him. My inner monologue continued the debate, “Should I stay, or should I go? Will God be disappointed in me if I divorce? Am I being short-sighted?” I followed my horse through the gate to spend time with him and as I turned to latch the gate I heard in a clear, yet vibrating voice, very different from my own, “No, you cannot live among this amount of collusion and deceit. Your trust will never fully be restored. This is no way to live.” As soon as I heard it, I felt tingling spread from my head to my toes. Similar to when I felt the Angels.  I knew it was a message for me to follow my own moral compass and do what was best for me. I said a prayer thanking God for his Angel’s guidance and asked him to continue guiding me, promising I would try my best to listen.

After my divorce, I stayed by myself in the country for about six more months. I was beginning to date and enjoying my time as a single person again. My healing journey was very much in its infancy, but I was adjusting well and feeling very proud of myself for adapting to this entirely new life. I began feeling the urge for a change. The urge grew into a knowing. I realized I was being guided to move. It was time to leave the place I thought I would raise my children, grow old, and live out my life.

I found the perfect house…in the neighboring town from my vision. I met my new husband shortly afterward. He lived four streets over.

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When I felt the Angels (Part 3 of 4)

Just before our three-year wedding anniversary, I was devastated to learn my husband and I were headed in completely different directions. The pain and betrayal I felt initially numbed me completely. The day after I learned the entire truth about our marriage I found myself outside kneeling in my garden planting the plants I had purchased a few days before this big revelation. I didn’t know what else to do with myself and the plants needed to get in the ground. I went to work with vigor and determination. After planting all but one of the ten or so plants, I was finally down to the last plant. What was I going to do after this? What was I going to do with myself? How was I going to handle all the things I had learned in the past twenty-four hours?

Then it started. A deep, primal sob began rising up through my abdomen and into my chest. It erupted into a gasp for air. It felt as though my breath had been knocked out of me. My body, racked with pain and involuntary shaking, surrendered to the sobbing. I had never experienced this before. I could not catch my breath. Panic began to surface as the thought, “What if this never stops?” raced through my mind. As my abdominal muscles clenched tighter, I remained huddled on the ground, my arms wrapped around my body, my chest to my knees. Without thought, I breathlessly whispered, “Oh God!” through my tears. It was a cry for help. I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to get through this heartbreak, humiliation, and grief.

I felt something wrap around me. It felt like the light brush of air you feel when somebody walks past you quickly. But this air, this…energy, completely surrounded me. It was hugging me. As though enormous Angel wings were completely encompassing me. The sobbing stopped. The intense pain dissipated. My breath slowly came back to me. I stood up silently and walked to the house with peaceful automation. I felt I was being led inside, and I watched in an almost out-of-body experience as I went to a phone book and opened the yellow pages to family counselors. I saw two options. I read the first one, some of the pain came back into my abdomen, I moved to the second option, the pain went away. I dialed the number for the second option. A lady answered the phone sounding distracted and in a rush. I told her my marriage was in shambles and I needed to make an appointment. She said, “I am the counselor here and the lady who usually takes appointments for me is out for lunch, but I believe my next opening is not for two weeks.” Silently I thought in despair “Two weeks? I don’t know what to do with myself in the next two minutes!” Then the counselor said, “Actually, I’m going to move my Two O’Clock this afternoon. Can you come in then?”. Relief flooded through my body as I gratefully agreed. I know now, the Angels were working with her too. Thanks to the guidance I received that afternoon from the meeting with the counselor I was able to take steps towards gaining a sense of security I thought gone forever.

I knew the Angels were helping me again. This time I was determined to listen to their guidance. From that day forward the Angels gracefully showed me how to navigate one of the most painful and difficult periods of my life.

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When the Angels sent me a vision (Part 2 of 4)

We married in 2003 and began planning our life together. I had everything I thought I wanted. A husband and a little house on ten acres out in the country where I could see my horses through our kitchen window. I was even working for myself as a small business consultant. A couple years later we were ready to start a family. Or, I thought we were.

One evening I was sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of our house watching the sun stream through the water sprinkler’s mist as the smell of newly wet grass permeated the air. I was waiting for my husband to come home from work so we could head to a family party. I was watching the rainbows the sprinkler water created just above the grass and enjoying the feeling of the light drops of water the breeze occasionally sent my way. Suddenly I saw a picture of a neighborhood before me. I recognized it as a neighborhood about forty-five minutes away from our current house. I saw myself living there. I froze and thought “How would that work? We can’t move there, there is no room.” We operated my husband’s entire business off our ten acres. We wouldn’t have room to operate out of a neighborhood. I chastised myself for even thinking of such a thing. Then another picture stood before me. It was a picture of my husband about twenty feet away from me. Looking at me and then avoiding eye contact with me. We were estranged from each other. We had no connection and we went our separate ways. My heart slammed against my chest. Thoughts race through my mind. “This would never happen! I love him! He loves me! We will grow old together and sit on these rocking chairs when we’re wrinkled and grey!” I shut the vision down just as I heard the roar of the diesel motor on his pick-up truck coming down the road of our property.

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When I first saw the Angels (Part 1 of 4)

The summer after my sophomore year in college I was going through a few personal challenges and really questioning the direction of my life. I actually felt like I was really letting God down. I knew I was here for a purpose (as we all are) but the path to my purpose was so unclear. I was not excited about my major (Accounting and Business Administration). I had just gone through a break-up and was not enthusiastic about getting out there again. And my beloved cat of thirteen years had recently been brutally killed by a couple of dogs roaming the neighborhood. I was devastated by this sudden loss.

I knew God would want me to trust his plan for me, but quite frankly, I did not feel up to the challenge.

One summer afternoon, after a morning of cleaning stalls at the barn where I worked and boarded my horse, working out, and doing homework, I decided to take a quick power nap before heading to an afternoon class. I laid down on my bed and nodded off quickly. When I woke up a few minutes later I was surrounded by golden light. Standing around my bed in a horseshoe shape were six very tall beings whose heads nearly touched the ceiling. I heard singing as if a choir was holding a note. I was not scared, just bewildered. The volume of the singing came to a crescendo quickly and then abruptly ended at the same time the beings disappeared. I rubbed my eyes quickly in complete confusion. What on earth was that? I noticed I felt lighter. I felt good. I felt energetic for the first time in a long time. I became aware of a thought. The thought was a message: “God is not disappointed in you, God loves you. Go now on your way. You will be fine.”

God had sent his Angels to raise my vibrations to a higher level, but back then I had no idea what raising your vibration even meant, nor did I know anything about the world outside of what we can physically see. At least nothing beyond what formal Christianity teaches. In fact, I’m pretty sure I would have run screaming in the other direction at that point in my life if somebody had tried to explain it to me. I was in college in the middle of the Bible belt. That stuff didn’t fly there!

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had experienced. I kept asking myself, did that really happen? Did I really see lighted beings standing around me almost blinding me with the sheer intensity of their light? I didn’t dare tell any of my friends, it felt too personal to share. But after that afternoon, things really did begin to change for me. I was happier and enthusiastic about getting back out in the world.

Eventually, I realized I had to tell somebody. It was all too real, and I needed to be able to talk about it. I told my parents first. They told me to talk to my grandma. They reminded me she had seen her guardian angel years earlier when I was still in high school and had begun doing loads of research on Angels after her experience. I remembered her telling me about it, but being the horse-crazy, boy-crazy, teenage girl I was, I did not give it the credence it deserved.

When I spoke to her about my experience she began telling me about all the research and books and stories she had found citing similar encounters other people had described. Most similar was the intensity of the light of these beings. Although it seems they often came in many different sizes. Grandma described the being she encountered as about three feet tall, but also made entirely of white light. No features other than the shape of a head. I knew we had both seen Angels and this knowledge brought me enormous joy.

Looking back at the challenges I faced over the following five years, I am so grateful for their visit. I feel it was a highly necessary visit designed to raise my vibration to an extraordinary level to give me the strength to face the future and remain in-tune with God and myself.

Over the next year, I witnessed the loss of many fellow college students at the hands of a plane crash, a car crash, and the tragic collapse of the Bonfire at Texas A&M University. Not long after, Honey, my horse and best friend since age eleven, passed away suddenly just after I had completed an internship with a large accounting firm. During my internship, I became more and more aware of how wrong it felt to be going into the field of Accounting. Every cell in my body told me it was wrong for me. I had never wanted to be an accountant, but all the other options didn’t quite feel right either. I was good at it, I liked numbers, so I just kept going. Honey’s death clarified my priorities in life.  I did not want to work for a big accounting firm, eighty-five hours a week, never seeing my family. The very thought of it felt suffocating. Life was too important. So, I graduated with my bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Administration the following summer with the intention of taking time to find myself.

Instead, I fell in love. I was swept off my feet… and swept far away from finding myself.

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