Book of Evidence – Proof Your Angels Are With You: Preorder Now


Connect with your angels and discover your intuitive abilities!

Angels are always with you, ready to offer guidance for every part of your life.

Connection and communication with your angels are possible when you develop your intuition. Over many years of teaching others to grow their intuition, one thing has helped my students the most: tracking their own intuitive experiences.

The fastest path to connecting confidently with your angels is to record your experiences. 

I have been tracking my own experiences for more than twenty-two years. This specially designed and handcrafted guidebook incorporates tips and tools I have developed over the years of connecting intentionally with the angels and teaching others to do the same. And it will help you create your own “Book of Evidence” to understand your experiences, strengthen your intuitive abilities and find the deeper meanings within them.

I invite you to use the Book of Evidence to track your intuitive experiences and angel encounters and develop the trust in yourself that is crucial to deepening your connection with Divine guidance.

Here are just some of the ways you are already receiving signs from your angels and connecting with your intuitive abilities. The Book of Evidence gives you a sacred space to help you track:

  • Encounters with angels, spirit guides, passed away loved ones, etc.
  • Signs and messages
  • Dreams with symbols, signs, and guidance
  • Moon phases and how they affect you
  • Astrology and how it affects you
  • Numerology and how it affects you
  • Messages through oracle and tarot cards
  • Animal symbols (or totems) and what they mean for you
  • Ways you receive intuitive information
  • Prayer requests and answers.

And anything else your heart desires!

The Book of Evidence is uniquely designed so that there is no need to wait until a new year or a new month to start keeping track of your intuitive experiences. 

Get started tracking your experiences now. Available for pre-order $74.95

Start using the Book of Evidence now!