Intuitive guidance for Manifesting through Road Blocks

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I’ve changed up the intuitive guidance a bit. I’m now asking specific questions and sharing the guidance I receive with all of you in the video. 

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Quick Announcement, PLUS a new video is up on my YouTube channel!


I am so excited the upgrade for my microphone finally arrived this past weekend. I can hear there is a clear difference in audio quality in this week’s Intuitive Guidance video.

Some of you have been asking when I will launch a podcast to go along with these videos to help you be able to listen on the go. Having this microphone upgrade is a big step towards that goal for me. I am working hard to launch a podcast option very soon.

(A quick tip for those of you with unlimited data plans, many devices and cell phones will allow you to play the YouTube video on your phone and stream it through your car speakers or earbuds without watching the screen, so you can still listen and multi-task.)

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Clearing Energy Blocks: 3 Part Series

I am so excited tell you about the new video series I just uploaded to my YouTube Channel. I have been working on the content for these videos for a while. Then I had an excellent question from a viewer that pushed me to take the leap and get these videos out there! It’s a three-part video series that will help you identify and release energetic or spiritual blocks.   Join me to learn more about the physical signs of blocks (video 1), questions to help you determine the cause of blocks (video 2) and some light tapping (EFT) in video 3! Here are the links:

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I would love to hear how the tapping went for you (video #3) and any further questions or comments.  I hope you have an AMAZING weekend!

Intuitive Guidance for August 13th-16th, 2020

I have observed visiting with many of you that although I have been asking for guidance for the upcoming weekend for these videos, the guidance is often relevant even earlier for some of us. So, I have begun looking at the guidance as relevant from the moment I receive it.

In this week’s video, I tried something new. I asked YOU a question about your intuitive experiences. I would love to hear your answer in my YouTube Channel comments below this video.

Here is the link:

Also, in case you missed it, I released a 3-part video series last week to help you clear energetic and spiritual blocks.

In part three, I lead you through some light tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique). Let me know if you would like me to create more videos to guide you through tapping on other topics because I really believe it is a powerful healing tool for all types of challenges. It has undoubtedly helped me through many, and it is my go-to “tool” in my Spiritual Toolbox.

Here are the links to the 3-part “Clearing Energy Blocks” series:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Intuitive Guidance for August 6th to 9th, 2020


Guess what?! I finally got my new video camera and microphone! I am so excited about the image quality. I still have quite a few things to tweak, but here is this week’s video with the new gear! 

I am thinking about changing up the weekly videos soon, so I would love to hear in the comment section of this video what else you would like to learn or see on my channel.

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Intuitive Guidance for July 30th to August 2nd, 2020


I hope you are all finding ways to enjoy your summer. We have had some very hot and humid days here recently, so I have been doing more indoor activities than usual, but I am still enjoying the slower pace of summer.

Here is this week’s video for Intuitive Guidance. 

Some of you have pointed out that when I do Angel communication, my voice changes, and it can be hard to hear me. I have noticed this as well, especially with this most recent video, and I assure you I am researching ways to amp up the sounds during recording without it detracting from my connection to the Angels. Please always feel free to send me constructive feedback as I am always striving to improve my content. 

Also, many of you have mentioned you are missing the daily intuitive guidance I post because you are not on social media. You can always go to my website under the “Free Stuff” tab and see the feed there, but I am also researching ways to deliver it straight to your email box if that is your preference, so you do not have to remember to go searching for it. I will keep you posted for when I have that available if you would like to sign up for a daily email with Intuitive Guidance.

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Intuitive Guidance for July 23rd to July 26th, 2020

Hello friends!

Tomorrow the Sun moves into the energy of Leo. A very heart-centered time of the year. We just came off of a New Moon yesterday that pushes us to manifest, and now we need to love ourselves and love our dreams until they become a reality. 

In this week’s video, I discuss the Intuitive Guidance I received for July 23rd-26th, 2020. You can check out the messages from the Angels here:

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Energetic Cord Cutting & Shielding

Cord Cutting and Shielding are techniques designed to cleanse and protect your energy field and help maintain good Spiritual Hygiene.

In this post, I will:

  • Define Cord Cutting and Shielding.
  • Give examples of how energetic cords can attach to your energy field.
  • Discuss how practicing Cord Cutting and Shielding benefit Spiritual Hygiene.

Cord Cutting and Shielding, what are they?

Have you ever noticed how your mood can sometimes shift quickly, but there seemed to be no direct cause? Your mood has often changed because of the energy of another person’s mood, comment, or conversation, and you didn’t even realize you were taking this on yourself and into your energetic field. 

Cord Cutting is the practice of intentionally visualizing severing all energetic cords attached to your energy field. 

Please note: This does NOT cut cords of love or connection with God. God is the pure source of energy and love that fuels our body, mind, and spirit, so this cannot be disconnected through Cord Cutting.

Shielding is the practice of intentionally setting an energetic boundary to hopefully prevent or, at a minimum, reduce energetic cords being attached to your energetic field, causing your energy to drain or even scatter.

How Energetic Cords Can Attach to Your Energetic Field

Why use Cord Cutting? Let’s say you get a call from a family member or friend. You answer eagerly, ready to chat and catch up. However, they needed to vent. They unload all their frustrations about an issue to you. You try to console them and even help them find a solution. Then you hang up the phone, and you notice your body feels tense, or you feel sluggish. You feel uneasy, and even though you have moved on with your day, your mind keeps going back to the conversation, and you feel the same uneasiness every time it crosses your mind. This indicates that the energetic cord created from the discussion is still connected to you.

If you allow these cords to remain attached to your energetic field, the cords can affect how you feel and cause an imbalance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Cut the energetic cords, and notice how you feel after taking some deep breaths. You can learn how to cut cords by watching my video about Cord Cutting here.

Even better would be if you Shielded yourself with an energetic boundary before you answered the phone, so the cord was less likely to be attached in the first place.

Shielding is when you visualize yourself inside a bubble or pyramid and breath golden Divine light into your shape, creating an energetic boundary. You can learn how to do this by watching my video on Shielding here.

Shielding helps prevent cords from being attached to your energy field. It takes practice but can be used when you know you may encounter people, places, or even information that could affect how you feel. 

Have you ever walked into a store to make some essential everyday purchases feeling ready to check off your list and be productive, but when you walked out of the store, you felt tired or even irritable? 

Here are some examples of cords that may need to be cut:

  • A fellow shopper cut in front of you in the check-out line without apology.
  • You learn the price of an item you purchase regularly has gone up, putting a strain on your budget.
  • You see an advertisement for a product that makes you feel inadequate or like you are not doing enough for yourself or others.
  • The check-out attendant is unfriendly or judgemental when you turn down their request for an extra purchase or donation.

The list could go on and on. Energetic cords come not just from people; they can come from thoughts, interactions, and even social media. 

Exercise: Before you hop online the next time to check Facebook, Instagram, the news, or some other type of Social media, notice how you feel first. Then, after you have spent your usual time interacting with the media, see how you feel. Has your mood, or how you feel physically, shifted?

Also, we can attach cords unknowingly to people, events, etc. You know the old saying, “A watched pot never boils.”? The moment you turn your attention elsewhere, it seems like it finally boils, right?

That is because by deciding to put your attention elsewhere momentarily, you have stopped attaching a cord to the time you have to wait for it to boil. 

Think about the last time you were waiting for an important phone call and you decided to run to the restroom, or quickly check the laundry, and you ended up missing the call. Sometimes people refer to this as “Murphy’s Law.” 

Essentially you cut the cord you had attached to receiving the call or message by moving on to something else; this opened an energetic door for it to come through finally.

Exercise: Cut cords from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend from your past. Notice how long before they reach out to you again. i.e., Online, Texts, or even appearing in your dreams.

How Energetic Cord Cutting and Shielding Can Benefit You

Energetic cords that attach to our body can significantly affect the balance between our body, mind, and spirit. It can even lead to physical challenges in the same way long term stress can affect our health. 

I make it a daily habit for my spiritual hygiene to cut cords, and then practicing Shielding to prevent or significantly reduce the number of energetic cords that can pull on my energy. 

Think of Shielding as setting an energetic boundary. 

If you are heading into the weekly office meeting to interact with another employee that is always hostile, aggressive, or a neigh sayer, take a couple of moments to shield yourself, so you are less affected by the weekly meetings. If you find you are still feeling agitated or upset after the meeting, you will know that your Shielding needs more practice, and it’s time to cut cords and create another energetic shield.

In a sense, Shielding is like giving yourself the superpower to blow off somebody’s comments or behaviors before they have a chance to upset you or infiltrate your energetic field. It also helps prevent people from draining your energy.

TIP: If you notice you feel exhausted every time you encounter certain people, places, or events, ask yourself if you need to set both energetic boundaries AND more physical boundaries.

Cord Cutting is letting it go after the interaction. Keep in mind, we are not always consciously aware when energetic cords attach to our energy fields, OR when we attach cords to others, so I recommend practicing Cord Cutting and Shielding at least once a day. You can do it when you shower or brush your teeth to help you remember to make it a habit. Maybe place a little note on the mirror or object near your sink to remind you.

I consider both Cord Cutting and Shielding essential to maintaining good spiritual hygiene. So the next time you notice a significant shift in how you feel, ask yourself if it’s time to practice Cord Cutting and Shielding.

Learn more about Energy Fields here.

How Spiritual Hygiene affects your Physical Reality

“Spiritual Hygiene” is the practice of monitoring the balance between your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health by incorporating beneficial habits into your daily routine to help maintain this balance. 

When we take the time to check in with our Spiritual Hygiene and notice something is off-balance, we are already beginning the re-balancing process by acknowledging the imbalance.

The next step is to identify the cause of the imbalance so you can take the steps necessary to correct the situation. 

An imbalance in our physical body originates from an imbalance in our mental health or spiritual health that has manifested itself into a physical symptom. By not addressing the challenges to your spiritual or mental health, the symptoms can fester and grow into a physical reality.

One of my students recently asked me, 

“When is a headache just a headache, and when is a broken rib, just an accident?”

My answer was, and is, “Never.”

Webster defines an accident as “a: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance. black of intention or necessity.”

Yet, deciding to take action or not take action still has the intention behind the decision.

If the definition of an accident is an unpredicted outcome by one or more parties involved, not that it was a random result of chaos, you could argue, there are no accidents, only outcomes that were unforeseeable by one or both of the parties involved.

Most people define an accident as the result of something being out of their control or some coincidence related to chaos.

But really, an accident is an outcome of a particular series of events not predicted by the parties involved, regardless of their intentions.

I believe in synchronicity, a term coined by the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, which states:

           “…events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.” -quote taken from Wikipedia

I also think there can be accidents. But at the same time, not because there was no intention, but because it was a series of events that led to an accident caused by free-will decisions.

A series of free-will decisions that lead to an unanticipated outcome does not remove the impact of other energetic influences that caused a person to make that free-will decision. 

To put it simply:

Everything happens for a reason.

I know the above statement can feel or sound ambiguous, and often people disregard it for that reason, but we have intention behind everything we do. We just don’t always understand the true intention. 

The last time you caught a minor cold that forced you to cancel some plans, was there anything you were not looking forward to about the plans? Or did something happen later that possibly kept you safe because you could not follow through with the plans? 

To understand the true intention behind an act of free-will that resulted in an unpredicted effect, ask yourself if there is an advantage to the outcome.

Medical science studies what leads to physical disorders and has also become very involved in studying the way stress, or mental pressure can affect your physical health. 

However, even when we are in good physical and mental health, if we do not feel genuinely aligned in our spiritual health, we can still find ourselves in an unbalanced state. Especially if we are ignoring what our heart wants because our mind is telling us we should be doing otherwise. (In my next blog, maybe we’ll discuss the word “should”)

Hearing your heart over your mind can be tricky. However, implementing practices to maintain good Spiritual Hygiene can give a louder voice to your heart so you can decipher the root causes of any imbalance more easily. Monitoring your Spiritual Hygiene will help you build intention towards the desired outcome instead of the “unforeseen” outcome.

Not every unintended outcome or accident is preventable by the injured party, but monitoring your spiritual hygiene can help you by:

1)   Preventing Injury. Possibly preventing an unexpected outcome by being aware you are more prone to that undesirable outcome and taking care to avoid specific free-will actions that could lead to that outcome. (i.e., Knowing you tend to feel sleepy driving late at night, so choosing to stay off the roads at night.)

2)   Minimizing Impact. If the undesired outcome occurs anyway, good spiritual hygiene can lessen the severity or impact of the outcome. (i.e., Not allowing resentment or anger towards yourself or others involved in the undesired outcome to build and cause more pain.)

3)   Promote Healing and Recovery. Even when an undesirable outcome has occurred, good Spiritual Hygiene can promote and help to heal. (i.e., Pain management through meditation versus self-medicating with harmful substances.)

Examples of practicing good Spiritual Hygiene involve multiple forms of self-care, checking in with yourself through journaling, meditation, exercise, and eating fresh, organic foods.

For more information on one of these practices, check out a blog post a friend and colleague, Bonny Osterhage, wrote about how I use a technique I created called Whole Life Journaling to maintain good Spiritual Hygiene. You can read Bonny’s blog here.

Also, check out my YouTube channel for more videos on how I monitor my Spiritual Hygiene, as well as how to cultivate your intuition and other helpful spiritual practices.